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Over the years Chris has collected a variety of equipment, from Portable Recording Solutions to Theatre Sound Kit.

Products include (but are not limited to):

MacBook Pro (TouchBar) 2016, 2.9ghz Processor, 256gb SSD, 8gb RAM

MacBook Pro 2012 2.9ghz Processor, 256gb SSD, 16gb RAM

MacBook Pro 2011, 2.5ghz Processor, 256gb SSD, 16gb RAM

Behringer FCA610 Audio Interface

JBL Control 1 Pro


Zoom H5 Portable Recording Kit (With XYH-5, Remote, Mova Windshield, Superfast SD Card)

SR3D Binaural  Mic

Rode M5 Stereo Condenser Pair

Rode M3 Location Condenser Mics

Behringer C4 Stereo Pair

Behringer MA400 Personal Headphone Mixer

Behringer HA400 4 Channel Headphone Amp

Various Manfrotto stands, handles and adapters.

Networking Kit

Label Printer Kit.

Cabling for all.

If you are interested in hiring any equipment, please get in touch through the website.

Priority and discounts will be offered to Students and recent Graduates at Drama Schools.

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